About Red Alert

When I talked to women who were victims of human trafficking, I was shocked to hear their stories of kidnap, rape, torture and murder. One day, while I was standing in the window of a red light room listening to such a story, I saw a group of school kids walking by, laughing at and taunting the women. It broke my heart. That's when I decided to write Red Alert.
This book is the voice of the victims without voice.

Why Red Alert

We love the tradition of the Amsterdam red light district, where many women stand in the windows in their underwear. Busloads of tourists and school children come by every day to look at them. In the Netherlands, where it has been taken out of the dark and made legal, we can even be proud of this age old profession. It is legal, so it must be okay, right?
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Shine Tour

Saturday 10th of June 2017

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The Red Alert company and it's ambassadors

Sunday 4th of March 2018

In October I started a social enterprise, which I registered at the Chamber of Commerce, so it's now official. This company will work with the Red Alert book, give presentations to schools, companies, groups, government, and police, raising awareness about injustice, human trafficking, and forced prostitution. It will raise money for organizations like Bright Fame and International Justice Mission, which work to free these sex slaves and victims of trafficking. It will also reach the women and men who are now in slavery and give them help and advice.
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