Red Alert in Centre parcs

Tuesday 5th of July 2016

I was recently in centre parcs Zandvoort on holiday, I noticed outside the reception a big sign saying " top 5 trips ,1 was Red light walking tour for 25 euros a person,on another board was red light secrets 8 euros.

I was horrified and felt sick to my stomach,a family park taking families around the red light district of Amsterdam and earning money.Bringing people to look at the women who have been kidnapped,who are raped many times every day and who are traumatized and often beaten? I was so shocked I put the photo of the sign on face book and said"Centre parcs has turned into the biggest pimp in Holland bringing families to look at the traumatised women who have been forced into prostitution"

What happend next was something i had not expected,Many, many reactions,angry messages ,people saying they wont go to CP anymore,people phoning cp and cp board demanding that they stop or they would not go anymore to centre parcs.

Then a radio station Groot news radio talked about my facebook message on their media programme and it was written about in a national newspaper too. The manager behind the desk said she knew who I was when she heard my name and she was not happy with me and a security man came over.I asked to speak to the head manager and she called him.He came and was very nice and we talked for half an hour over human trafficking and I gave him Rood Licht book to read.he asked me to remove the post on facebook.I said "NO" only when Centre parcs stop the tours! he told me he was phoned at 8am that morning by the board about this problem i had created.

He said I was blackmailing cp, I said YES and he laughed. Two days later he came to our house at cp with a security man (i thought "oh no im gonna be thrown out of CP":P)

He said he had read Read Rood Licht and his eyes were opened and he was impressed with the book.He told me he had had an emergency meeting with the board and they decided to stop the tours ,they had not thought about human trafficking .He asked me to remove my post and put a new one that cp stopped tours,which I did :) I felt so happy that Red Alert made a difference .it also shows me that if one person stands up for what they believe even against big companies and against many people that they can make a difference , we all can !!