The Red Alert company and it's ambassadors

Sunday 4th of March 2018

In October I started a social enterprise, which I registered at the Chamber of Commerce, so it's now official. This company will work with the Red Alert book, give presentations to schools, companies, groups, government, and police, raising awareness about injustice, human trafficking, and forced prostitution. It will raise money for organizations like Bright Fame and International Justice Mission, which work to free these sex slaves and victims of trafficking. It will also reach the women and men who are now in slavery and give them help and advice.

I was once asked: “Why would someone bother saving five women who are standing in a window in Amsterdam or on the streets of Britain or another country? When these five women get rescued another five will take their place the next day!”

My answer is this: “Imagine your daughter, sister or mother was one of these five kidnapped and put on the street or behind a window in forced prostitution where they are beaten, raped twenty times a day, feeling hopeless and scared out of their minds; would you want to rescue them or would you say: “Why should I rescue my daughter, sister or mother from this hell? The next day another girl will take her place, so why bother?” Or would you do everything possible to find and rescue your loved one? No matter what? Of course, you would do anything possible to rescue them. Don't forget every child, woman or man who is now a victim is someone's child. I think that even if just one person is rescued because of the Red Alert company, it has been worth all the effort. Together, more victims can be reached and helped.”

I'm so happy that so many people support Red Alert company! It has wonderful ambassadors who will promote and help it.

Gert-Jan Segers – party chairman of the Christenunie
Jan van den Bosch – TV presenter of Hour of Power, director of Beter-uit, Drietour and the Company Media Producties
Frits Rouvoet – director of Bright Fame, speaker in government and organisations
Henk Stoorvogel – CEO De 4e Musketier, pastor, speaker, author
Elly Zuiderveld – music artist, TV personality
Leo van Doesburg - Officer for Relations and Networking and Regional Representative in Central and Eastern Europe of the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM)
Pieter Struik -