Update 2019

Sunday 8th of March 2020

Event easter in the Netherlands ,Sand artist and Jane & Sera and band.

It has been awesome doing an event with my storytelling  and art by the Sandartist and music from his daughter Sera and her band.We did this event in Zwolle for 2000 people in 2008 and at Easter 2019 in Drachten  for 3000 people .
So many people responded ,many  decided to be the voice for the voiceless after coming to our event .So many people who now dare share their ownproblems and get the help they need .Compassion came too and in 1 event 37 children found a sponsor :)

Event 2nd November Wales UK  together with the Sand artist  Gert van Der Vijver ,Sera his daughter & The plan band and my kids Jesse ,Hannah & RJ.

We had an awesome event in Wales.Gert and his daughter came over for a few days and my children and the band The plan (where my son plays piano ) all came down to Wales to perform in the event .
Afterwards many Compassion children were sponsored .I have heard from many people after the event that they were touched by the story, songs and sand art and many people told me of problems they have ,like addictions, abuse, grooming etc and now are getting help.This is so awesome.Many people were also inspired to step out and be a voice for those without a voice and volunteer at different orginisations, become first responders moderen day slavery rescues and many other ways .

European parliament 

In December i was invited to the European parliament to the national prayer breakfast .I was also invited to speak on a panel in parliament about human trafficking and modern day slavery.I was on the panel with John Cotton Richmond he works for the department of state and in the White house sometimes .He is US ambassador at large to combat trafficking in persons.My friend Alison came with me to Brussels and she joined me on the panel ,Alison is a professor Gynaecologist and we work together in wales with the youth and as first responders helping victims of modern day slavery who have just been rescued(we have to go to them within hours of being rescued) Alison spoke on mental and physical health and recovery for victims/survivors.

it was awesome speaking on the panel in the European parliament and answering questions, it was very moving when the whole room gave me a standing ovation and some people cried .
I was also invited to  castle Merode in Germany with some people from the prayer breakfast and we went for an afternoon/evening .I had the privilege of meeting prince Louis and princess Clotilde who own the castle was able to pray for them and Princess Clotilde is reading my book Red Alert now and we have become friends and email together .
Because of speaking on this panel i have now been invited to many amazing things .I was asked by a member of the government from Latvia to help write a new legislation about helping victims/survivors of human trafficking so i did that and have been invited to go and speak in Latvia in the government .
I have been invited to Switzerland to speak at a Christmas dinner in the Swiss embassy for ambassadors in November .
I have been invited to speak in Albania in the government and they want to translate my book into Albanian and raise more awareness human trafficking ,as Albania have some of the worse traffickers
I have also been invited to the Romanian government .
I have been invited to the USA to speak in various places maybe even the white house which is really exciting (and scary as I'm scared of flying )
A member of the German government who was on the panel with me (he is also a surgeon) has invited me to speak in Germany .
I also met a few members of the Indian government and they are Christian one is a pastor ,they send me messages and films now and their seems to be a revival happening in India its amazing.They are arranging a big crusade at the end of this year and have invited me to be a speaker at this massive event.I really don't want to go to India and i said i could not but they insist and say God told them i would be the speaker and he would do mighty things? so i guess i have to wait to see if God tells me to go (even though i really don't want to go to India) 

I did a UK training to become a volunteer to become a first responder and also a chaperon working with the salvation army who have a contract for this from the home office .First responders have to go to a victim of slavery who has just been rescued and interview them for 2 hours and decide if they are really a victim and if yes set help in motion ,arranging a safe house and transportation and tell police and immigration that they are in my opinion a victim of Modern day slavery.Sometimes a first responder will go out on a sting with the police when slaves are rescued and sometimes be called out to prisons or hospitals to talk to victims who have been hurt or imprisoned .Lots of victims are teenagers who have got involved with county lines drugs etc and been forced to do this.Some victims are sex slaves or been forced into nail bars or building work.Sometimes if they are in hospital the trafficker is waiting outside and the police have to get the driver/chaperone's and victim out through a back entrance so sometimes its a bit scary
A chaperone's is a person who travels together with a driver to pick up a victim of slavery who has just been interviewed and take them to a safe house or take them to a secret place and give them to another driver and chaperone's who will continue the journey.This can be the first contact a victim of slavery has after maybe years being kept as a slave or sex slave .its heartbreaking to see these traumatised victims and many victims are being rescued every day .
I went out on my first call a few weeks ago and it had a big impact on me .I cant write any details as its sensitive but it did keep me awake all night.
Sometimes the police have to travel along side the driver /chaperon as it can be dangerous and traffickers and people who enslave others look for the victims .

A few months ago  i was invited to speak at a conference/training day for the church in Wales , a Bishop and archdeacons and vicars attended to learn more how the church can be more aware of victims of modern day slavery and how the church can do more to support and help victims and survivors.I was asked to tell my own story and i talked about modern day slavery in Wales what is happening every day and in every town in wales and in the UK right now.Many of the vicars and the Bishop said to me afterwards it was amazing to hear that God still speaks today and is a God of love today .I was amazed as i thought vicars etc from churches would know this?I also talked about unity and working together with other denominations as its a bit of a problem here in Wales and in the UK.
I have now been invited to speak in the cathedral of Cardiff and in about another 6 churches so it was a really great day.