Date Activity Location
03 Jan 2021Speaking in a Belgium / Farsi churchOnline
24 Dec 2020Serve the City (STC) UK meeting: "Shared social concerns action"Online
10 Dec 2020Serve the City meeting (talking to Students from different countries about a Serve the City Student team.)Online
10 Dec 2020EPB (European Prayer Breakfast) meetingOnline
9 Dec 2020Discuss Human trafficking with Serve the City (STC) and survivors of trafficking.Online
2 Dec 2020European prayer breakfast (EPB)Online
23 & 24 October 2020Conference talk and workshop on modern day slavery together with Kevin Hyland, Ali Userry, Phil Lane and Carlton Deal for Serve the City InternationalOnline
1 July 2020Online meeting with member of the German parliament Frank Heinrich to advise on the way forward for human trafficking legislationOnline
16 January 2020, 10:00-16:00Speaking at training day for The Church in Wales with Kevin Hyland, Ali Ussery and prof. Alison FianderYstrad Mynach, Cardiff
2 November 2019 20:00
Event Break Free, with the sand artist. Music by the Plan, Sera and Hannah Joy
Trinity Church, 70 Stanwell Road, Penarth (United Kingdom)
October/November 2019Various TV and magazine interviewsRomania
October/November 2019Speaking at a conference for the Romanian ParliamentRomania
21 April 2019, 19:30Easter event Bethel, the Sand artist and SERADe bolder 75, Drachten (Netherlands)
17 March 2019
Speaking in church "de Haven"
Harlingen (Netherlands)
29 December 2018Speaking at the HGJB christmas conferenceStadskanaal
15 December 2018, 21:00 hrsSpeaking in church "Gereformeerde kerk Groot-Ammers"Groot-Ammers
14 December 2018Speaking at youth nightOmmen
5 December 2018, 16:00Round table discussion with European leaders and parliament members about human traffickingBrussels
5 December 2018, 7:00-12:30European Prayer Breakfast and panel discussion in the European ParliamentBrussels
4 December 2018Dinner in the European ParliamentBrussels
25 November 2018, 19:30 hrsSpeaking at U turnBaptistengemeente de thuishaven, Kollumerzwaag
26 October 2018Workshop/speaking at women's conferenceLunteren
16-19 October 2018Speaking at a conference for the Romanian parliamentRomania
14 October 2018, 19:30 hrsSpeaking at "Hart voor vrouwen"Pinkstergemeente Stadskanaal
21 September 2018Workshop/speaking at women's conferenceLunteren
14 April 2018Event with Jane, the "Zandtovenaar" and SERAZwolle
26-27 January 2018Giving workshops at men's conferenceLunteren
23-24 February 2018Giving workshops at men's conferenceLunteren
7-8 November 2017Speaking at a conference for the Romanian parliamentRomania
30 October 2017Speaking with Jurrien ten Brinke & his organisation Be CourageousROC Friese Poort, Drachten
10-26 October 2017TBDUSA
30 September 2017Speaking at Eden dinner event, 19.30Penarth
16 July 2017Speaking in church "VEZ"Zwolle
24 June 2017Speaking in church "De Pijler"Lelystad
28 May 2017Evening for awareness human traffickingZutphen
21 May 2017 (evening)ShineVBE, Emmen
21 May 2017 (ochtend)ShineBethel, Drachten
20 May 2017ShineGereformeerde kerk, Waarder
19 May 2017ShineBaptistengemeente Havenlicht, Delfzijl
17 May 2017ShineMaranathakerk, Assen
15 May 2017ShineVEZ Centrum, Zwolle
14 May 2017ShineZwolle
March/April 2017Broadcast Puur2 TVFamily7
8 March 2017AglowCardiff, Wales
7 Februari 2017Live radio interview RTV
31 January 2017TV recordings Puur2, Family 7Doorn
16 January 2017Speaking in school ROC Menso AltingZwolle
4 December 2016Broadcast Hour of PowerDutch TV
31 October 2016, 08:30 hrsSpeaking in school ROC Friese PoortDrachten
17 October 2016Meeting HTB church London about cooperatingLondon16 October 2016, 10:00 hrs
15 October 2016 signing books in bookshop PhiladelphiaAntwerp (Belgium) 9 October 2016, 11:00 hrs
8 October 2016Speaking at conference "Women of Faith"Veenendaal
15 September 2016 Speaking for local police Emmeloord, Dronten and LelystadEmmeloord
20 July 2016 17:00 hrsTelevision interview RTV OostHengelo
20 July 2016 16:30 hrsRadio interview RTV OostHengelo
19 juli 2016 10:00 uurInterview newspaper Reformatorisch DagbladZwolle
18 July 2016Interview newspaper De SwollenaarZwolle
16 July 2016, 21:00 hrsInterview EO-Live radioHilversum
11 July 2016, 19:00 hrsBook PresentationZelhem, camping De Betteld
19 June 2016, 10:00 hrsSpeaking in Elim churchSheffield (UK)
10 June 2016, 19:30 hrsBenefit ConcertZwolle, Fonteinkerk, Sterrenkroos 56
08 June 2016, 14:00 hrsinterview StentorZwolle
04 June 2016, 10:30 hrsinterview Radio HattemHattem
02 June 2016, 10:30 hrsinterview Groot Nieuws radioVeenendaal
18 May 2016, 10:00 hrsinterview EO visieZwolle
18 May 2016, 13:00 hrsinterview CIP.nlZwolle
17 May 2016, 19:00 hrsinterview Salt Radio Urk FM Urk
21 April 2016, 10:00 hrsinterview StentorZwolle